Co-production and You

Who is this course for? 
This course has been designed for anyone with an interest in learning more about co-production. You could be a citizen, volunteer, public service or third sector professional, an academic or researcher, local or national government official or a policy maker! And of course any combination of the above. The most important thing is that you are keen to work with others to bring positive change to public services and communities. Wherever you are on your co-production journey, this course will help you nurture your practice in a way that can fit around juggling other commitments and demands.

What is involved?
This 4 week interactive course will introduce you to the values and ways of working with co-production using a host of methods including daily challenges, podcasts, live seminars and articles. You will explore a variety of approaches and techniques associated with each value and examine a range of case studies; helping you to see how they work in practice and the difference between effective and ineffective co-production. You will be encouraged to reflect on the application of co-production in relation to your own practice, or personal situation, during the course. This will provide a personal insight into the development of your own skills and confidence. Finally, the course will enable you to develop a personalised action plan to implement co-production in a way that is most appropriate for you or your organisation.

 Your time commitment: The course runs over 4 weeks, with self-study supported by weekly tutorial seminars and optional Q&A sessions. You’re encouraged to attend the seminars and Q&A sessions which will support your learning, but the content is predominantly self-directed, and based on a series of podcast recordings which you can access at your convenience. It is designed to fit around you and your schedule. We provide at least 28 hours of content, and more if you want to explore all the additional resources at your leisure.

Summary course content:
The course will:
- Introduce the principles of co-production.
- Explore a variety of approaches, techniques associated with each principle.
- Explore a range of examples of co-production in practice.
- Invite students to reflect on the application of those principles to their own practice. 

Learning outcomes:
On completing the course, students should be able to:
- Explain the principles of co-production, and the approaches associated with them.
- Understand the difference between effective and ineffective co-production.
- Identify appropriate actions associated with improving co-production practice.
- Construct an action plan for managing their own co-production challenge.

Accreditation is available! Accreditation through Wrexham Glyndwr University is available, and completing this course provides you with 10 university credits at level 4. To achieve the accreditation, the level of commitment involved is 100 hours of study total (including tutorials and Q&A sessions), with an additional 8 weeks for self-study and completing the assignment.

Duration: 4 weeks of live sessions, up to 12 weeks of self-study

Costs for non-members: 
£165 +vat (£198)
or £190 +vat (£228) with accreditation

Costs for members of the Co-production Network for Wales (25% off):
£123.75 +vat (£148.50)
or £148.75 +vat (£178.50) with accreditation
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Costs for champions with team membership of the Co-production Network for Wales (35% off full price):
£107.25 +vat (£128.70)
or £132.25 +vat (£158.70) with accreditation
Use the discount code found in your champions' emails.

Costs for citizen and unpaid carer members of the Co-production Network for Wales (75% off full price):
£41.25 +vat (£49.50)
or £66.25 +vat (£79.50) with accreditation
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If you need to pay via invoice, please email [email protected] with your invoicing address, and PO number if applicable. 



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